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"You knocked it out of the park! Can't tell you how happy I am to play the bass drum and hear the pitch articulation I've been wanting to hear. I absolutely love the way it sounds. I'm telling everyone about you. Many thanks, buddy..."

~Kenny Hassler

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"...I've played with multiple cover bands, weddings, you name it, all over the east coast...I have to say, I played at a club where the house kit was made by Rukus, it is the most incredible kit. I took pictures of the kit every time I played them, as I hoped to one day purchase it in the same wood & color. It is absolutely beautiful and sounds amazing, and always stays in tune! Your work is amazing, and I truly appreciate your attention to details and look forward to ordering my own set, it would be an honor to have the Rukus name on the front of MY bass drum..."

~Frank Mort


A dream come true...Frank pictured with the set he finally purchased.


"Beyond thrilled to be a part of the Rukus Drums USA family of players...Peter handcrafts each shell from start to finish. The results are drums that feel so good under your sticks that you can't stop playing!"

~Anthony Francese

francese set.jpg