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Drumidor came to fruition as a result of a love for both drums and cigars. A Rukus Drums company, drumidor was conceptualized when a Rukus Drum customer requested that we design a unique, hand-crafted humidor. The end result was a high-end container made to look like an actual snare drum.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone (or yourself!) who is a cigar aficionado, drummer, music enthusiast, or just something with a twist, you can't go wrong with drumidor! If you collect cigars and love keeping them in stock and on display when you have guests or customers over, this product is the perfect showcase and conversation piece.

Making of the Drumidor...

Each drumidor has the look and feel of an actual drum, and is hand-crafted using an actual drum hand made shell. It is perfect for someone who appreciates the work of an artisan, allowing you to obtain a storage environment ideal for keeping your prized cigars fresh. All of our drumidors are fabricated from the finest quality materials, with wood manufactured in the USA and around the world . They are all hand-crafted like their counterparts at Rukus Drums, no automated machinery involved. 

The drumidor can be crowned with an optional clear UV-protected lid so that you or your guests can easily view your collection without compromising the storage environment as with other opaque or closed designs. The seal adds another layer of security and allows you to store your prized cigars without compromising either the taste or aroma. You also have the option to purchase a Humidity Pack to further ensure that all of your high-end cigars do not go waste. 

Some of our finished Drumidors...

clear with snare.jpg
Santos spenish cedar.JPG
w golde .jpg
Santos spanish cedar3.JPG
Santos spanish cedar2.JPG
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