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12”  13”  14”  15"

The options are nearly limitless:

Plies, thickness, wood type, edges, and depth


Chrome plated aluminum tube lug

Chrome plated brass tube

Cast modern tube


Hand-tooled brass tube

Counter hoops

1.6 Triple flange:

It's no coincidence that 1.6 hoops are used on most vintage drum kits. These hoops feel great on the hands and have less complex overtones 

2.3 Triple flange:

These hoops give a little extra power, a modern crack, and more resonance

2.3 Double flange with clips:

Stellar vintage visual with an unmatched articulation

Die cast:

 Excellent choice when a drier sound is desired with a pronounced side stick


Throw and butt:


The working drummer's throw

Light, greaseless, smooth and locks when engaged

Modern side throw:

Smooth, traditional throw with ergonomic rubber knob




Bearing edges:
Our standard bearing edge is a 30 degree with a small round over counter-cut back to the apex

45 degree on thicker shells with round over counter 

Snare beds:

Type 1: Wide Graduating, 1/8" depth

Extreme sensitivity

Type 2: A bit more narrow for more vintage response and less cross-talk


Evans Power Center Reverse, G1 coated, UV1, HD

Evans 300 snare side

Hardware finishes include:

Chrome, Brass, Nickel, Black Nickel

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