Handmade Drum shells defined. No automated machinery here. Each drum expresses a unique organic character, only achieved by the human hands.

At Rukus, we believe the pinnacle of sound, character and performance starts with the drum shell. We not only designs and build our own shells, we built the jigs they are made in. No high tech machinery used here. Rukus shells are as hands on as possible. Fabricated with that vintage vibe drummers are searching for, with modern edging and performance. Warmth and charm with nearly endless build layups. Just like that special K ride, it’s an instrument to cherish.


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Design and order your snare

AT Rukus we are always building and creating. These instruments will make there way to the product page frequently. We really feel what sets us apart is our endless build options and custom specs. Desire a snare with a birch/beech/mahogany shell? We will build it. Shoot us an email or give us a call. Lets design your dream snare drum or drum kit.
Satin finish snares starting at 699.00
Gloss finish snares starting at 799.00
*wrap finishes also available

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